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IUE 100 Academic and Social Orientation

Welcome all to Izmir University of Economics!

Dear students, first of all, we would like to congratulate you for choosing Izmir University of Economics, and wish you a successful education period here.

IUE 100 Orientation course aims to provide information about basic subjects regarding the University, its social and academic structure, its facilities, and help you, newcomers, to adjust to this new environment where you will be spending the next few years at.

IUE 100 Orientation course, in terms of quality, is a lot different than the courses you will be taking later on. It includes series of activities. This course allows students to be informed about Izmir University of Economics and the benefits offered to them, help them know themselves and make future career choices in line with their career goals, determine the pace of steps taken for such goals and show them how the University will support to help them reach them.

We hope these coming years are filled with success and happiness, and contribute you to become self-confident and trusted individuals who can share their dreams and thoughts and realize these dreams as members of Izmir Economics community.

Please visit Student and Corporate Activities Directorate and Career Guidance Centre for more information.

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IUE 100 Orientation Program

Step 1
  • There will be Blackboard presentations by academic and administrative units to give you detailed information about the University and your department.
  • All presentations until you graduate will be available on Blackboard for your review.
  • Once you activate your OASIS account, enter Blackboard account with your OASIS user info and select IUE 100 Orientation course in order to view all the presentations you need to view.
  • There will be a small test at the end of presentations. Please answer these since your answers will determine the score for this step.
  • You will be provided with all information you need about the use of Blackboard on Welcome Day event.
Step 2
  • Izmir University of Economics makes it their business to provide you with means to allow your personal development as an efficient individual in society in addition to offering a well-suited academic environment.
  • The University holds many numbers of cultural, academic, and social activities throughout the year.
  • You will be awarded 1 point for all Orientation activities you participate throughout the semester.
  • Please refer to Event Calendar on our website to find out about all Orientation activities and which of those are awarded points.


  • All freshmen are required to take 1 credit mandatory  IUE 100 Academic and Social Orientation course.
  • You need to present your Student ID Card to the card recognition system (present on site) in order to be awarded points for the activities you participated in the second step.
  • Scores obtained from IUE 100 Orientation course is calculated by the total points taken in activities during first and second step.
  • It is a prerequisite to take 2 points from the first step in order to be successful in IEU 100 Orientation.
Step 1 Throughout Fall Semester as of October, 01 All freshmen 2 Points
Step 2 Throughout Spring Semester All freshmen 2 Point per activity