Health, Culture and Sports Directorate

About Us


We believe that personal, social, athletic, and cultural values are just as much important as academic success in a student’s life. Based on this belief, Health, Culture and Sports Directorate aims to;

Improve social responsibility and social awareness of students,

Help them gain skills to ensure positive development for themselves and for the society, and

Create an environment that will help them become entrepreneurial, pioneering, and highly desirable individuals.


Student Clubs and Sports Unit provides counseling to student volunteer groups such as student clubs and student council, and help them gain life skills by getting them involved in activities.   

Psychological Development and Counseling Centre works to contribute to the mental and psychological development of the students. Center’s Clinical Psychologist holds individual sessions with students in the framework of ethical principles, doctor-patient confidentiality in particular.

Disability Support Centre works to support students with special needs during their education on campus, and to allow them to continue their academic studies with similar conditions that are provided for other students.

The Health Office, with a doctor and a nurse on call, provides non-emergency medical services to students and administrative and academic staff.